Understanding the Wonders of Divine Direction. (Part 1)

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“I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye. ”  ( ► Psalms 32:8 )

Congratulations and welcome to the month of August, the 8th month of the year 2021. The number ‘8’ represents a new beginning, a new order of creation and without a doubt in my heart, I know that God will be visiting you with the “new” this month in the name of Jesus.

With seven out of twelve months already gone, a lot of people are beginning to wonder if all they set to achieve this year will ever become a reality. Presently, most people would concede that the world economy is going through some tough times and most people are feeling the impact in some way or another. Unemployment rates are rising, gas and food prices are rising, house values are going down in many areas – the list goes on. As Christians, we are not immune to these troubles, but we know that God will provide a way out and will help us overcome if we trust in Him and follow His leading. It is against this backdrop that this month, we will be exploring a series titled: Understanding the Wonders of Divine Direction.

The desire for direction and divine guidance is universal. In every culture, the wise and learned are revered and their answers sought by those struggling with decisions. Thankfully, as believers, the living God is willing and able to give us divine direction.

Divine direction is the ability to know what to do at the right moment and the essence of divine direction is to know and understand the will of God in every situation. In Genesis 12, being wholly dependent upon the guidance of God, God led Abraham to generational greatness and in Genesis 26, God led Isaac forward till he became the envy of the strongest nation of his days.

When the Lord becomes your shepherd, you are guaranteed to make the most of your journey on the earth. This is because God’s guidance is clear(Psalm 25:12), gradual(Psalm 37:23), continual(Psalm 48:14), comprehensive (Ephesians 5:17); and individualistic (Acts 9:6).

Just as a sheep will always need a shepherd, no matter the age or experience, everyone of us will continue to require divine guidance all through our journey in life (Rom. 8:14) so as I sign off on the series this week, my prayer for you is that this season, as you travel in the pathway of His choosing, God will guide you concerning every detail of your life , great and small, and put a NEW song in your mouth in the name of Jesus.

Remain EVER Blessed

Triumphant Obamoh
Resident/State Pastor

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